Flexible Content and Fields

Flexible Consulting

Easily customize the style of consulting to work best for you. Large projects, small projects all have their distinct nature of attack. We are ready to work on a plan with you.

Versioned Content

Collaborating Content

Today it is important to train and share information to allow in-house employees to take over projects and allow knowledge to transfer to the end users. We want to make sure that you will understand and be able to operate the systems we build.

Images, Videos, and Media Library

Images, Videos, and Media Library

Let us help you deal with the media explosion. We can help organize and recommend systems that will ease the storage and maintenance headaches that can accompany the media onslaught.

Search Engine Optimization

Could Services

Everybody wants to be int the “cloud”. And, although, there are advantages to doing this, depending on the size of your company and the actual service you want to outsource there may be hidden traps looming. We can help shed some light to the problems at hand and recommend the best strategy.

Mobile Optimized Content Display, Responsive Previews, and Mobile Ready

Mobile Optimized Content Display, Responsive Previews, and Mobile Ready

We work both in Windowed environments as well as character terminals (or emulators). Data entry is still fastest when using a character environment while dashboards and summary data are best displayed with graphs and charts.

The Powerful Webforms

Powerful Speedscript Webforms

We’ve built powerful data entry and lookup sites using Progress Webspeed for contact forms, surveys, application forms. We can also integrate with the database of your choice!

Powerful Landing Page Builder

Database Enabled Web Page Builder

We have been building web pages that tie directly into major databases behind the scenes. We are proficient using Progress’ OpenEdge and Webspeed or Microsoft’s SQL server as well as Linux’s MYSQL or MariaDB implementations.

Administration Dashboard

Administrative Dashboard

We have developed tools to build and implement an intuitive and flexible administration experience.

Preconfigured Rich Text Editor

Data Entry

Data entry problem? No Problem. We have almost 40 years of experience to deal with entry and organizing data flows.

Flexible Theme Built Using Bootstrap

Printing, Faxing and Emailing

Documents need to flow to their respective recipients. We will make sure that you can communicate in any way possible. Flexibility is key.

Multilingual and Translation Tools

Multilingual and Translation Tools

We speak fluent English and German and can provide translations.


Security Standards

All projects are built to utilize and enforce the highest security standards possible. We will make sure that the information is safe. We have implemented credit card gateways to and are familiar with today’s standards of secure data transmissions.