Selected projects include:


Various Paper Companies
Warehouse/distribution, new data base projects, commercial web presence integration, warranty claims and forms processing. SCO UNIX, Windows Server, PROGRESS OpenEdge and Webspeed, SQL DB, ongoing, HDI personnel.

Interactive Pools
Web based hosting provider, interactive advertising and dynamic content delivery. Windows Server, IIS, SQL DB, ongoing, HDI personnel.

GE Capital ITS
Dispatch II version upgrade, data base conversion and adding new functionality to reports, warranty claims and client interaction. RS6000, PROGRESS RDBMS, over two years, HDI personnel.

"World Track" Freight Forwarding Package tracking system used mainly by Xerox to globally track inventory in transit. EDI transaction posting from WTS to Xerox. VAX mainframe. PROGRESS RDBMS. One and a half years, 5 DP personnel.

HA Berkheimer
Multioffice local income tax collection service, replacing NCR mainframe with 6 UNISYS 6000. PROGRESS RDBMS. One and a half years, managed 5 programmers throughout project.

Dataflex Corporation
Dispatch II version upgrade, help with data base conversion and adding new reports and functionality. RS6000, PROGRESS RDBMS, over two years, HDI personnel.

GBC Distributors
WDS II addons, import / export of data to/from external sources/destinations. Data General, PROGRESS 7, HDI personnel.

Hoechst / Celanese
Symix order entry package modifications and support. SCO UNIX.

Inchcape Testing Service - Caleb Brett USA
Multioffice "Hydrocarbon and Marine Inspection Recording System". International system that allows local independence & central invoice data collection. DOS & Xenix PCs. PROGRESS RDBMS, ongoing, HDI personnel.

Pall Corporation - Pall Trincor
Accounting, Inventory Control, Payroll, Warehouse Distribution process, BASIC & C, rewrite in PROGRESS RDBMS, many years, SCO UNIX PC, HDI personnel.

Peony, Inc
Metals Trading BBS, X.25 connection to INFONET, PROGRESS RDBMS, 6 months, HDI personnel.

Scientific Machine & Supply
"Symix" manufacturing package program extensions. PROGRESS RDBMS, HDI personnel.

Teterboro Aircraft Service
Accounting, Payroll, Inventory Control, Front Desk - Fuel Farm Inventory system.